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Drum Heritage Remembers The Titanic DisasterDrum Heritage Remembers The Titanic Disaster

Drum Heritage Remembers The Titanic DisasterDrum Heritage Remembers The Titanic Disaster


In September 1994 the Drum Heritage Committee produced its first book ‘Drum & Its Hinterland’ a 452 page history publication of Drum and surrounding areas The Book contains a complete listing of names and details as recorded on the 350 tombstone memorials in the earlier restored Monastic site. It also lists the names in each townland of the heads of each household that appeared on the 1832 Tithe Composition Books, 1855 Griffith Valuation Books and 1901 Census of Ireland. The transition and break-up of the landed estates in Drum is covered in detail, in many cases showing not just the names of the land-owners but also that of the tenants in all of the different townlands A detailed chapter on education forms a large part of the book; it tells a simple story of education in all of the twelve Hedge Schools in Drum as a result of the imposition of penal laws. The National Board of Education. The book gives a photo of a detailed account of the Elphin Diocesan Seminary that was established in Summerhill, Drum in 1858 and continued as such up to1883. The chapter on the Land War in Drum that was sparked by a spate of evictions reflects on the misery that local people suffered at this period. The War of Independence chapter includes a detailed account of the Cornafulla Ambush and other Republican stories recorded from people who lived in Drum during the period of the troubles. This book is now in its third print with a limited number of books still available. Price €20 postage extra.

Drum & its Hinterland first published in 1994Drum & its Hinterland first published in 1994

Summerhill former Elphin Diocesan SeminarySummerhill former Elphin Diocesan Seminary


Heritage Week ceremonies in September 2004 commenced with the unveiling of a Commemorative Plaque on the wall of the house where Sean was born at Clonellan, Drum, (1640-1650) A special Commemorative 35 page booklet was also launched on the occasion. Although not intended to be a complete account of the works of our great-scholar it does highlight some facets of his extraordinary lifestyle as a writer. It is already known that Sean has left a legacy of over 5,000 lines of Gaelic prose and poetry. Copies of the book are available at the Heritage Centre – price €7 postage extra.

At the O’Neachtain MemorialAt the O’Neachtain Memorial


A unique 545 page book on the history of Drum contains a historical review of forty-seven townlands in the Drum area. Each townland chapter commences with a listing of households as they appeared on the 1901 Census of Ireland. The early pages of the book deal with the suppressed state of education imposed on the people of Ireland against their free will with the introduction of the Penal Laws and the threat of transportation to Barbados of Priests and Hedge School Masters who dared teach religion in what most were described at the time as wretched cabins. The various townland chapters are filled with folklore stories, some relating to fairies, the Banshee and of other ghost like figures who nightly roamed the countryside before the advent of Electricity. Pages from Children’s Schools Manuscripts, Boston Pilot Newspaper stories on emigration are of special interest. The Forgotten Heroes of World War I tell the life story of a number of local men who fought in the mud drenched trenches of Western Europe.This book is described as a treasury of folklore, now in its second printing and is still available at €20 (postage extra).

Bygone TimesBygone Times

Late Kieran McManus recalled 100 pages of folklore for the Folklore CommissionLate Kieran McManus recalled 100 pages of folklore for the Folklore Commission


In 2008 several worthwhile proposals were considered on how best to honour in a meaningful way the many worthwhile heritage restoration projects taken on board by their dedicated voluntary workforce over the past twenty-one years.Eventually it was decided to mark the occasion by placing a limestone plinth against the gable of the Romanesque Abbey perpetuating the names of the 164 voluntary workers who gave unstintingly of their time during the previous twenty-one years. The meticulously inscribed lines bear testimony to the loyalty and dedication of a brave band of men and women whose memory now recorded in stone will not be forgotten by generations that follow. But this was not the only commemoration arranged to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Heritage group. The Committee also decided to publish a Souvenir Booklet with full colour photographs highlighting all of the different restoration projects carried out over a twenty-one year period. A complete review of each project is recorded with beautiful embellished photographs for each chapter.

Celebrating 21 years of living history in DrumCelebrating 21 years of living history in Drum

Memorial to the 164 voluntary workersMemorial to the 164 voluntary workers


To mark the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the holding of the 1932 Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, the Drum Heritage Committee organised a Special Commemoration Ceremony in association with the Annual 2002 Religious Ceremonies in June 2002. The outdoor ceremonies included a Procession of the Blessed Sacrament escorted by an Honour Guard of Irish Army Officers. In 1932 Drum Park Girls School Choir took part in the Dublin Congress Ceremonies and strange as it may seem two of its former members, still hale and hearty were present on the day of the 2002 Ceremonies. An informative fifty page booklet published at the time gives a fascinating account of the Eucharistic Congress Ceremonies and its historical links to the people of Drum who participated, many travelling to Dublin by train for the great occasion. Copies of the Commemorative Booklet are available at the Heritage Centre at €7 postage extra.

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Honour Guard of Irish Army at the Elevation of the Sacred HostHonour Guard of Irish Army at the Elevation of the Sacred Host


A Drum Heritage Publication by Edward Egan.
2nd Edition, With New information including Mill Customer lists, The history of the Horizontal Mill in Ireland
and Ireland's only Working Model of a Medieval water Driven Corn Mill on Display in the Drum Heritage Centre.
book available at €15 (excluding cost of postage)

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